My Birthday Story

Hi lovely people,

I am so excited today. IT’S MY BIRTHDAYYYYY! I didn’t plan to blog today but on a second thought, I decided to share about today. I woke up pretty good, said my prayers with a thankful heart. Wasn’t bothered about asking for my life to be fixed in my prayers. I did something different – interceding for those in trouble and in need of Gods intervention, I can not help the entire world but God can touch peoples’ heart to reach places I cannot reach to help someone. Helping people has been my passion and I’m still in the journey of finding out what exactly God wants me to do, but for now I’m a random helper. LOL. I was surprised how calm my heart was all through the day, a part of me tingling with Joy. Still not sure if this is worth sharing here but anyway I will. My little party will be this weekend but would love to drop some of the thoughts I had today as I marked this birthday of mine to my readers;

  • God cares for you, irrespective of how unclean or unholy your past seems. He is always out there looking for that lost sheep, waiting for that prodigal child to say ” I am so sorry Father, please forgive me” His hands are always open wide to receive us if are genuine at heart.
  • Let go of bitterness and unforgiveness and let God… Unforgiveness can drain our mind and health. Easier said than done, Right! but no doubt if you do, you set your spirit free.
  • Speak positive words(affirmation). It works. Let happiness, peace and love flow through your heart daily.
  • Drop your worries, fears and thought to God, he can handle it.
  • I have a purpose, you have a purpose. You are created for a reason, DO NOT WASTE IT.
  • Depend on him totally without alternatives or “Plan B”. Great people we read about in the bible never had a plan B. They all depended solely on God. I know he is able to do abundantly…

I want to thank everyone that do take time to come to this new blog to read, comment or like. I am trying to develop my writing skills and will always welcome constructive criticism. I wish you all the best things in life and want to let you know that there is more to enjoy in life than wasting our energy on so much negativity. BE HAPPY!



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  1. I am openminded about god… I believe in something supreme. And I feel like seeing god as a person or a sheared does simplify things but I prefer to see the being as the energy that flows through us…is us but I am open to ideas.

    Anyway, Happy birthday! Sending you love. 🙂


    • Hello N, Thanks. Yes, the existence of this supreme and our open hearts to accept and believe in the supreme been makes it able for him to work and operate in our lives. We are nothing but flesh and having his spirit dwell in us is what makes an individual. I love your poems your making me fall in love with poems all over again*smiling*

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