Daily Prompt: Neophyte

via Daily Prompt: Neophyte

new me

I woke up to this topic today. I know it isn’t an assignment but it kept my mind working for some hours. I started having reflections of new things I have embarked on in the past. Some had a positive impact on me, some not too good, while some left me broken. But that not withstanding, I am still open to new things in life.

Discovering new things about yourself is kinda fun and at the same time scary. Venturing  into a new-found talent or career is bravery even though you are still a novice but as always said “Practice makes you Perfect”. 

It is never too late to try something new and when you do and have that passion, nurture it like a plant that needs a soil, light and water to grow. Change is constant, a life without change is boring. Being a neophyte makes life interesting and a better person.

In the midst of environmental uncertainties, a seed planted always finds its’ base under the soil first before it sprouts. You might be waiting for the perfect time, it is now. Move out of your comfort zone, face your biggest fears and then you realize that trying something new can be rewarding.

Blessings to my Readers…


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