iPhone Obsession.


I am an iPhone lover, a big fan of Apple but lately after the $999.99-$1,149 iPhone X was announced this November and just few weeks after iPhone 8 and 8s was released, the Big Bang iPhone X with luring features like; face ID with special face scanning technology that lets one animate emoji by changing their expression is now drawing so much attention. So Cute! And tempting for those that recently purchased the iPhone 8.

Since the inception of iPhone in June 29 2007, Apple Company has been on top of their game by their yearly irresistible innovative technology. For buyers, life is easier on iPhone, from its operating system, to its’ memory capacity, battery life and not to mention its water resistance ability (so you can take selfies at the bottom of the pool *wink*). And, OMG! Camera is amazing. September 2013 marked the beginning of the double release, starting with iPhone 5s which was the first iPhone to support touch ID, Apples’ fingerprint reader and 5c a lower version of 5s, 6 and 6plus in September 2014 and so on.

My brother has an iPhone 8s which he just purchased not too long and now the X is here. He is so in love with iPhone and I asked ,”when will you upgrade to X”. No reply yet. I know he is definitely upgrading as always. This brings me to a point where I call it Tech. Liability.

Apple unveiling of iPhone Upgrade Program, was a marketing strategy to forever keep people in their nest. As iPhone yearly upgrades, customers wishes to follow the trend thereby signing to a 24 months payment plan. After 12 months of those payments, customer upgrades/trades in the old version and payment plan is transferred to the upgraded version. Again, payment cycle might never seize because of the way iPhone upgrade program works. Be aware, the company is profit oriented, so you are definitely paying extra cash on the normal retail price but no interest. Add that little extra up by 24 months, which can buy a piece of gold jewelry with value and is all yours.

Criticism of this program includes the potential unending cycle of payments, with The Huffington Posts Damon Beres writing, ” Complete the full 24 month payment cycle, and you’re stuck with an outdated phone. Upgrade every 12 months, and you’ll never stop owing Apple money for iPhone. Welcome to the world of phone leasing.

Now the  truth I see. I might not get everyone to agree with me but still its’ my opinion.

I personally do not think this long-term investment with iPhone’s is worth it. Let us just have a rethink of how we can channel our resources to something more profiting. I am not by any chance saying people shouldn’t invest on it, if  really needed for a specific task. Apple is playing with the minds of people, who crave technology so badly. The difference between all the iPhone models are just little modification and an addition of a special feature. An example is the 8 and 8s which is similar to 7 and 7plus but features wireless charging and improved camera to get us tripping. I know Samsung, Nokia, Tecno, Huwai isn’t like iPhone, but still are good smartphones that can still do the job perfectly, with great prices too. I guess if people focus their attention on other brands, Apple will try to adjust its’ price and know we aren’t slaves to technology.

Sow your earnings and ripe from your investments.




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  1. Hi Pearl, I totally agree with you. This analysis is just simple,truthful and straight to the point. Users have become enslaved financially to Apple.


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