How To Always Keep your Home Clean and Tidy 


Clean and Tidy (C &T), as similar as it may sound aren’t the same. One can be clean and not tidy either way, both go hand in hand like non-identical twin with different objectives, all aiming at achieving a camera ready look in your home. Every inch, from the bedroom to the washroom and the living room to the kitchen should have an embrace of freshness. It is a thing of pride to have a guest walk into your home and say, “your home looks amazing”. They might not necessarily be referring to those expensive sofa, huge screen or wall deco, Its’ basically how clean and organized your home looks.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, a clean and tidy home brings a feeling of serenity. Our day-to-day activities can interfere with cleaning and tidying routines, which we intend doing but not enough time. As challenging as it may seem, its’ as simple as making bacon and egg wrap. What matters is your approach. Taking it one step at a time can make it happen.

Below are some tips that can help you achieve a sparkling home at all time:

  • PUT IT WHERE IT RIGHTFULLY BELONG: One funny thing about having an untidy place is that it starts little by little. You might have a housekeeper who comes in, to do a fantastic job bi-weekly. Coming home to a clean house is uplifting but then the dropping begins. From the living room, through the hallway to the bedroom. For a home with kids, they come dropping too. Give it 5 days and your home returns to Its’ initial untidy state. Most kids cherish their personal belongings, so when I say to my son, “you keep it properly or lose It”, he definitely knows what I mean. It works for me, I’m not a mean mom though! The key to a tidy home begins with putting things in the rightful place, all around. Not only will this method help you stay tidy, it makes it easier to navigate in your home especially in smaller apartments. If you are a parent, teaching them how not to throw things around can be extremely helpful (personal belongings not excluded). These tasks cannot be handled single-handedly, if you don’t live alone. Every member of the household should participate in other to get it right and going.
  • CLEAN UP YOUR MESS:  Really! Its’ no big deal at all. Clean up after eating, clean up spills on the floor, why wait to scrub later. Fix it! Clean up after making a meal, load it all up in a dishwasher. If you don’t have one, don’t drop your dishes on the sink and walk away. One method that works for me is the “pretend hand washing” which leads me right to the sink, you all know how it all ends… Clean up after using the washroom, keeping cleaning items handy helps to do a quick one. Never leave your bed untidy. I totally understand if you’re running late, it happens. Laying your comforter and pillows all nice and straight on top of a messy sheet is way better than not doing it at all. Like the picture below, who knows what’s going on under those well laid comforter. Again, if you have kids, teach them to clean up their mess. Do you ever imagine how a baby you once fed could now do the same for themself? They always learn, so teach. It doesn’t matter how well they do it, the point is that they learn and you would be glad you did, one day. Create age appropriate chores for the kids, don’t wait till they’re 10 years old. The earlier the better. Do not overburden them with chores but at the same time they should be a structured home responsibility in place.


  •  NEVER WEAR OUT DOOR SHOES INSIDE YOUR HOME: Why bring in germs into your home. I see people walk straight into their living rooms or bedrooms with their out-door shoes. The streets, restaurants, malls even the public washroom we walk on aren’t made of gold and isn’t germ free. Pull it off at the door. Many might find it unnecessary cleaning the bottom of their shoes before storing in a shoe rack or closet. It’s clear if you don’t because you wear it everyday, but if you have to store or put it on in the house, clean. If you have kids, you might want to consider this. Germs are everywhere but you can make your home a germ free zone. Just like you disinfect your kitchen counters and door knobs, use spray disinfectants on door and hallway rugs.


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  • ELIMINATE ODOUR: Having awful smell hanging all over the house can be very unpleasant. Ensuring your home is properly ventilated at all time is crucial. It isn’t enough to mask it with Bath and Body Works air freshener. Let natural air in, get ride of things that causes unpleasant smell in the home like the organic and garbage bins. Always clean your bins before putting new bin bags, that way you wouldn’t be needing a fragrance garbage bag. *wink* Doing laundry as regular as possible is necessary.
  • HANDS OFF THE WALL: Gosh! I love my walls. Walls are for display of beautiful art works, memorable moments and so on. Stains on a wall makes a house unattractive, no matter how tastefully furnished it may look. For parents, let kids know the wall isn’t where to write, draw or wipe fingers with paints or food. Handle any stains instantly.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PETS:  It is important for you to pay attention to your pets, if you have one. Keep them clean, train them and probably set boundaries if you have pets that sheds its’ fur. Figure out do’s and don’ts in other to maintain a clean home.
  • DO IT FOR YOU:  Good health starts from you and the decisions you make in your home. A clean food from a clean kitchen, good health is guaranteed. Keep off germs to keep sickness at bay. Treat yourself with love and care for the general wellbeing of your household.bed4

My home, made of love, where memories exist and we share together. My home, were our mornings begins in love and evenings with hugs and laughter. My home, were feet leaves but heart remains, were I feel the freshness and my spirit revived. My home, no place like it.

Home Sweet Home.


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