Advent Adoration #Hope



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When hope is crushed, the heart is crushed, but a wish come true fills you with Joy. Proverbs 13:12 (GNT)

 Advent, a time to observe, a time of expectant waiting and preparation and celebration of Christ at Christmas. Bringing Hope to the World in despair. We often loose touch of what this means because of the hustle in Life. Focusing on our to do lists, counting our gains and lose, thereby not being spiritually prepared.

What does Christ’s birth mean to you?

 To hope in God is to be patient with God and don’t mind waiting ’cause they isn’t a timeline. We ride on chariots of hopes, hoping for a perfect Christmas decoration, hoping to visit loved ones this season, hoping to go on a Christmas adventure… In the mist of all, being spiritually minded and focused on the message and transformed life the birth of Christ brought should be our priority. People waited for this moment years ago as the prophet Isaiah prophesied about the coming King. Do not take it for granted. Let our waiting be on his arrival rather than waiting on things other than God which steals your Joy and stress our life. People in darkness are searching for the flickering Light of Hope. How can we bring hope to the lost?


Christ be my Hope. Help me to see beyond the manger. Help me to constantly be aware that there is more to your coming that the Christmas songs and decorations. Help me to look out for signs leading me to my Purpose in Life, to my calling as a Child of God, just like the star led the Three Wise Men. To keep alert and set my hope completely on the blessings and salvation you brought to mankind. Let the promises in your word be the foundation of my HOPE.

 What do you Hope for?

I HOPE this Christmas season will be a time of reflection of how the world would have been today, without the great plan  to send a Messiah in flesh through the help of the Holy Spirit,

I HOPE we meditate in our hearts daily, listen to our inner soul and heed to what is true. to empty ourselves to receive the Joy in abundance,

I HOPE all find their hope and trust in Christ rather than the euphoria of Christmas jingles, merry and Santa,

I HOPE at the end, in glory by Christ Jesus, we have eternal life. Were they will be no sorrow nor weeping, no disease nor pain…



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