Advent Adoration -Love


Christmas Advent Celebration Candle Heart

Love, the Birth of baby Jesus is proof…

Look at the manager, a humble birth in a manager. Wrapped in swaddled cloth, the greatest love gift. Oh! What an awesome love the Father has given to us. Love undiluted and unconditional.

Light up your Candle of love. Build a bridge of Love that hate cannot break. Spread love like an epidemic, reaching out to lonely hearts and broken spirit

Love, not as the world does, but like Christ, for in love, God sent is only begotten son to mankind

Love is a command, a law not an option. Like Christ first loved us, love yourself in return, let out every obstacles in your heart and let true love flow through you and out to others. Then this love will know no boundaries 

Build a bridge of Love, be an instrument of Love in this Journey of life, for your love will be tempted but remember the redemption and salvation we enjoy today is a product of what happened years ago which is HIS BIRTH, THE CROSS and HIS RESURRECTION…


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